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June 15-16, 2017

8 Healthcare Marketing Tools to Boost Productivity

By: Amanda Burkey, Associate Manager, Social Media, HIMSS Media


For healthcare marketing professionals, myself included, a typical day consists of strategy planning, social community management, campaign tracking and a few one-off requests - among many other things. Jumping between projects and staying on top of social feeds, whether personal or business, can be challenging as each takes dedicated time from your day and requires a variety of tools. In order to save some of our sanity and boost productivity, my teammates and I have worked together to find some tools to minimize the stress of staying on top of fresh social content while dedicating time to crafting socially optimized campaigns. Find some of my favorites below and share any recommendations using #BrandHIT on Twitter.

Healthcare marketing and sales professionals should all be taking advantage of social media platforms. Staying active across Twitter and LinkedIn with your personal brand can help keep you top of mind with existing clients and connect you with new. Hootsuite’s Hootlet tool and the Buffer app make social sharing easy with integrated sharing options across Chrome. Each tool allows you to share now or build a feed of scheduled posts without leaving the page you are visiting.

I utilize both as Hootlet integrates into the platform I use for my personal and brand accounts (Hootsuite), while Buffer allows you to schedule retweets. By using these marketing tools, you can maintain a consistent flow of information to your accounts must faster, maximizing your time for other projects.


Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide snippets of code called pixels, to marketers that collect data on actions taken on your websites driven by social media platforms. For example, pageview pixels builds an audience of website visitors that can be targeted via paid social campaigns, while conversion pixels quantify the success of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn efforts. Conversion tracking can help marketers measure the ROI of their ad campaigns by reporting on the actions people take after your ads are viewed. These actions could be a purchase, registration for an event or an ebook download. These bits of code also allow you to see what content, visuals, topic areas and resources are resonating most with your target audiences or if your social campaigns are catering to their needs. By using these pixels, I can A/B test my ads within a campaign to find out how to best market to my audiences.

Twitter and Facebook have provided an easy way to check the status of your pixels with Pixel Helpers in Chrome. These marketing tools show you how many and what types of Facebook or Twitter pixels are integrated into the page you are visiting. Using these applications allows you to check on the status of new or existing pixels on your pages without having to leave the website and can be used by web developers for seamless integration. Find an example of how these work in the image below:



HIMSS Analytics launched a Chrome extension prior to HIMSS17 to help healthcare marketing teams gain insight into existing or potential clients within their browser. The LOGIC Discover app provides visibility into the vendors and products used in facilities, which technologies they may be planning to purchase and how many decision makers are listed in the LOGIC Dashboard. Additional information given by LOGIC Discover includes patient revenue, bed number and which organizations make up the health system.


MozBar is a great asset for content marketers who are looking to improve the rank of their website in search with SEO. This toolbar provides ranking for all websites and pages across the web. The application shows a website’s domain and page authority of the specific page to help you stay competitive in Google search rankings.


The HIMSS Social Media Team has become fond of this spellcheck extension due to the high volume of content we create for blogs and social platforms. Grammarly provides in-browser grammar and spelling checks to make sure you catch any potential copywriting faux pas. You can even integrate the tool into your desktop and Microsoft Office suite.

  • User Experience and Functionality: IE Tab

Many companies utilize legacy web apps that don’t cooperate with Chrome, causing users to keep switching across browsers throughout the day. IE Tab allows you to run Internet Explorer inside Chrome so you no longer have to deviate from productivity tools offered by Chrome to use platforms like Sharepoint.


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