Las Vegas, NV
June 15-16, 2017

#BrandHIT Twitter Chat: Join Us to Simplify the Complexities of Health IT Marketing

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The healthcare IT marketing industry is as complex and ever-changing as the field it supports. Social media platforms and their marketing capabilities continue to evolve, lead generation tactics become more sophisticated and the stories our data tell continually transform what we understand about the industry. With the launch of BrandHIT Marketing Summit, HIMSS aims to bring together the professionals whose jobs center on marketing healthcare technologies for two days of discussion, networking and ideation on keeping up with these complexities.

As we await the opportunity to come together as a community in Las Vegas, June 15 and 16, we encourage you join us in a conversation that explores opportunities, challenges and tactics in health IT marketing. We want to hear from seasoned veterans on trials and tribulations as well as those who are new to this niche of marketing and in search of guidance.

Join us to simplify the complexities of health IT marketing during a May 25 #BrandHIT Twitter chat at 12 p.m. CT. The chat will be hosted by @HIMSS and moderated by HIMSS Social Media Team members and #BrandHIT speakers, Sumit Sharma (@SumitSharma930) and Michael Gaspar (@MichaelGaspar).


Below are the topics we will discuss during the chat:


  • T1: What are the top marketing priorities for healthcare marketers? #BrandHIT
  • T2: What are the top challenges ahead for healthcare marketers? #BrandHIT
  • T3: What trends are shaping healthcare marketing in 2017 and beyond? #BrandHIT
  • T4: How do you measure the ROI of your healthcare marketing efforts? #BrandHIT
  • T5: Given healthcare marketplace diversity, how do you balance use of digital and traditional marketing? #BrandHIT

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