Las Vegas, NV
June 15-16, 2017

How Recruiting Digital Journalists Can Significantly Improve Your Blog

By Carol Bird, Manager of Content, Branding & Digital Marketing, MEDITECH
Recruiting a quality staff to write for your company blog is one of the most crucial elements of your marketing strategy. You need to put together a well-oiled machine that can create a successful product, develop processes, and have open-ended discussions about topics within your industry. You need to find candidates who will implement the specific strategy you’ve chosen as well as help take your marketing material to the next level by writing effective blog articles.
A misstep in recruitment will delay successful results, and in turn, will negatively impact your marketing team as a whole. And if you’re using your blog to generate sales leads, it could mean your bottom line is impacted, too.
So what are some common skills or backgrounds you can identify when you are externally recruiting for this new role within your marketing department? 
In order to find the perfect candidate, you need to envision your blog as being more than just a blog. If you think about it, a successful blog runs as efficiently as a newsroom. If you’re looking to recreate a newsroom atmosphere, with creative story-tellers that can write compelling articles that produce results, look no further than the people who would normally occupy those newsrooms.


At MEDITECH, we have found that journalists by trade, whether digital media, newspapers, or blog writing, are the best candidates available on the current job market. 
Digital journalists are the ultimate story-tellers. Journalism has been centered around creating an audience, working with sources, and entertaining readers for centuries. Journalists are naturally curious and are not afraid to ask the necessary questions during an interview to get the story that they need. They have the intuition to research pain points and use it to strengthen their work through a captive voice that attracts more than just the industry experts. Journalists are taught to use basic language and help their readers understand intricate details in an effortless way. 
Candidates with journalism backgrounds are proven relationship builders, which is exactly what you need for your blog. You need writers who are going to be able to foster relationships over time with customers, teammates, industry leaders and anyone else that they use as a source for their work.
But where can you find available digital journalists? How can you work your job description to attract journalists into the marketing world? We utilized SEO optimization in our job listings and social media such as LinkedIn to help in our search. 
Unfortunately for journalists, but good news for you, is that the industry has taken quite a hit when it comes to opportunities within their field. According to a United States Department of Labor’s survey that was published last year, there has been a 60 percent drop in employment in the newspaper industry since 1990. 
Clearly, there are a ton of story-tellers out there looking to utilize their skill set in some capacity. Why not give them a platform to perform for you? By engaging these journalists, you can harness their skills to take your content, your marketing, and most importantly, your sales, to the next level.
MEDITECH’s Manager of Content, Branding & Digital Marketing Carol Bird and the Supervisor of Content, Branding & Digital Marketing Daryl Sztuka will be presenting “Brand Renewal: Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch” during the BrandHIT HIMSS event at The Encore at Wynn Las Vegas on Friday, June 16. Bird (@MT_CarolBird) and Sztuka (@NerdyWriting) can both be found on Twitter.



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