Las Vegas, NV
June 15-16, 2017

The Journey of Content Marketing: How to Find Your Way

By: Amanda Todorovich, Director of Content Marketing, Cleveland Clinic



Content marketing is a journey. It’s a bumpy ride with lots of twists, turns and forks in the road. It can be difficult to navigate your way to success, but with a few key steps, you can easily route yourself to an incredible destination.

Document a strategy. Stick to it.

Without a documented strategy, you have no roadmap or compass. You don’t know what success looks like, and you wind up scrambling to accommodate all types of requests for content instead of driving a strategic vision forward. But writing it down isn’t enough. You must stick to it. Use it to guide your decision-making and to help defend your choices.

Create. Distribute. Measure. Optimize. Repeat.

Regardless of what industry you’re in or the size of your content marketing team, these steps are imperative to success. At my session at BrandHIT, I’m going to deep dive into these steps and explain how every one of them impacts success. I’ll tell you the story of how Cleveland Clinic’s content marketing team went from 3 people to 25, and how we went from 0 visits per month on our blog to more than 4.5 million visits per month (hint: it’s not by creating more content).

Creating content takes time and resources, and you don’t see overnight impact. Content marketing is a long game that, over time, can do tremendous things for your company, but you have to commit to it and be diligent in your approach. I’ll talk about how to get your leadership on board and supportive of these efforts and how to communicate along your journey with key stakeholders.

Distribution is equally as important as creation, and in my session I’ll be discussing how to really take content distribution to the next level. Sophisticated distribution is truly the most important part of what we do every day.

I’ll talk a lot about data, and how we utilize data in every part of our process. Data is powerful, and it helps guide you to the destination you’ve identified in your strategy as your dream destination. But for data to help you, there must be commitment to mining and minding it. Listen to what your data tells you. Make it actionable. Measure and optimize! Test and experiment. Then, test again.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Stick to your strategy, and follow all the steps for all the content. Create amazing content that helps your customers solve problems. Distribute that content everywhere it’s relevant – and do that based on data. Optimization is crucial – iterate your way to the magic. Continuous improvement. Don’t ever be content with your content! Listen to your users. Provide value to them every day in everything you publish.

If your content isn’t helpful and relevant to your customers in their everyday work/lives, you are doing this wrong. Join me in Las Vegas to talk about how to do it right and how to get on course for success.

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