Las Vegas, NV
June 15-16, 2017

The Long Road to Account-based Marketing is the Shortest Route

June 16, 2017
10:00am - 10:40am
Encore Ballroom 4-8

Account-based marketing is the buzzword du jour among marketing IT vendors, consultants, and professional healthcare marketers. Say “ABM” and we think about capabilities such as domain-name ad targeting, persona-based retargeting, messaging aligned and content tailored to the buyer’s journey. Fact is, technology is but one aspect of the roadmap that must be in place to deploy an ABM-centric, integrated marketing program.

What marketers discover when they set about making such a transformation is that there are mountains to climb on the road to ABM. Technology is the lightest-lift but least ready solution, and if not included as part of a comprehensive approach to ABM, it can actually delay success.

So what are the vital focus areas of ABM? In this session, marketing gurus David Rowe and Frank Cutitta will discuss key components of an ABM program and their impact on the healthcare marketing organization, including research, operations, content, performance measurement, and, of course, technology.


David Rowe

Senior Vice President of Marketing
Enli Health Intelligence

Frank Cutitta

Senior Director - Center for Content Analytics
HIMSS Media Lab

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