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Six Marketing Tips from the 2016 Content Marketer of the Year

By Amanda Burkey, Associate Manager, Social Media, HIMSS Media

Amanda Todorovich was named the 2016 Content Marketing Institute’s “Content Marketer of the Year” for her work building Cleveland Clinic’s strategy both on and offline. She and her team are responsible for the #1 most-visited hospital blog in the country, which boasts content focused on their customer’s biggest concerns and questions.

During HIMSS’ inaugural BrandHIT Marketing Summit last June, Amanda took the stage to share the story behind this content marketing powerhouse. After her keynote, she shared a few more tips with HIMSS Media’s Beth Jones Sanborn. Check out some of the key takeaways from her interview and begin implementing them at your organization today:

1. Stay Hyper-Relevant

Relevancy is the most important part of content marketing success. You have to have content in front of people at the moment they need it. […] If we are going to post something that is a breakfast recipe, let’s post it when it’s time to be thinking about what to make for breakfast.” (3:50)

2. Better Matters More

“Every single one of those things [we are putting out] have to hit a certain standard of quality, has to absolutely be worth the time it’s taking us to create and so it’s not about more, it’s about better.”

“If you don’t bring data into your planning; making it actionable and changing what you’re doing because of it, you’re never going to get better.” (5:45)

3. Collaboration is Key

“Even outside of my team, we have a Cleveland Clinic news service that’s producing packages for media, too so we try to align those things, leverage those things and really make sure we are covering the things that are on peoples’ minds.”

“We also meet monthly with our clinical marketing teams. From a business standpoint, from a ‘what questions are their patients asking’ standpoint, we need to understand what is going on in each of those clinical areas, too.” (9:30)

4. Utilize Internal Experts

“[Physicians] understand, they want to be a part of it. Some of them even come to us now proactively, with ideas.”

“Some of them have their own personal social media handles now in a much more meaningful way than they’ve ever had before. Doing things like a Facebook live Q&A are things that they want to do and they see the value. It’s been a journey, but I think the most important part of it has been that two-way communication the entire way.” (11:00)

5. Content First

“First and foremost it’s about the content. All of those channels and different places you can use the content really don’t matter as much as being super selective and strategic about the content you choose to create.” (13:12)

6. Put Customer Needs First

“The most important thing is truly making your content about what your customers need and not about you as an organization. Being useful, helpful and relevant to your audience whoever they may be, if it’s B2B, B2C, it does not matter. In order to be successful and doing content marketing, the content has to help them.” (14:43)

For more content and digital marketing insights from leaders in the space, join us at #BrandHIT May 7-8 in Nashville, Tenn.

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