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May 7-8, 2018 | Nashville, TN

What Connectivity and the ‘Internet of Our Lives’ Means for Health IT Brands and Marketers

A brief HIMSS Media (HM) interview with BrandHIT Marketing Summit keynote speaker, world’s most connected person and mindful cyborg, Chris Dancy (CD).

Conducted by Michael Gaspar, Program Manager, Social Media, HIMSS Media

HM: What is the premise behind your BrandHIT session, “What Happens When the Internet Disappears?” and what does it mean for health IT brands and marketers?

CD: Technology is seeping into every area of our lives. Privacy is a flimsy throwback to a bygone age. How are organizations today creating services for a world with two million apps? Take a look at how the interface for our personal experience has shifted from a command line through Windows, to browsers, applications, and wearables. We start in a world after AI and voice assistance and transcend through the feedback loops of habitual behaviors and omnipresent content. This session explores the history of the user interface, software, and digital services and catapults brands into 2030, when personalization drives experience and we download “habits” and “environments” and brands compete for access to our lives.

HM: You have 11 trends you believe are important for this decade listed on your website; which of these do you think will have the greatest impact on the field of health IT and how we market to audiences?

CD: Existence as a platform. As everything you interact with becomes hyper-intimate with your behavior the need to “See The Internet” will be something as antiquated as using a phone book or making a phone call.

HM: Is there one piece of technology you believe people of all ages should be adopting to track their daily habits or health?

CD: Yes, but it’s more of a tip for how to use the technology we already have. I believe each person should review their battery percentages for apps on their phones each week. How much we use certain apps says a lot about how we spend our time. Before we count steps we should figure out what we pay attention to.

HM: A WIRED interview mentions that you believe every white collar worker will need to adopt a regimen similar to yours soon – why is this and what impact do you see it making?

CD: Middle management work in the future will depend on how brand and employees can quantify their effectiveness. If you’re a coder it’s about the lines of code. If you’re a marketer, it’s your reach. If you’re a doctor, it’s the quality of care. Start with measuring what you value. List your values at work and THEN measure. So often we start with what we can measure and value ONLY that.

HM: What is your prediction for the future of the wearables market with companies like Apple coming into the health IT space?

CD: The future of wearables is about technology we put INSIDE us. Apple Airpods are the first step to that future. No one has a phone in 2030, there are no screens in that world. No instead we have a device implanted or in our ear part time and a small display on our wrists and near us in the environment. Life looks a lot like turn by turn directions for GPS. The next big true “wearable” companies like Levis and Nike. Apple watches will be so powerful and small and the earbuds we use will be tracking body temperature and possibly EEG waves. What no one can understand right now is how the technology of our clothes will shape the future.

[End of Interview]


Often, the health IT market talks about how wearables and connectivity will impact the healthcare economy and the treatment programs of patients. Dancy’s future expands on this maturing reality and suggests that wearables, and cognitive computing will alter how we fundamentally live our lives in addition to managing our health.

What might this “always connected” mantra mean for health IT market offerings – especially those that address gaps and opportunities in:

  • Data Liquidity
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Interoperability
  • Patient Engagement
  • Telehealth
  • Public & Population Health
  • Privacy & Cybersecurity
  • Precision Medicine
  • Cloud Computing
  • Health & Wellness

Given technology’s rapid growth in innovation and adoption what does the future of the health IT market look like to you? 

Tell @HIMSS and your health IT marketing colleagues using the #BrandHIT hashtag on Twitter.

Begin drafting your own future outlook on health IT products and services at the BrandHIT Health IT Marketing Summit on May 7-8.

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