Chris Dancy

World’s Most Connected Person

Health and wellness pioneer, healthcare technology leader and entrepreneur, Christopher Dancy is frequently referred to as “the world’s most connected human.” Since the 1990s, when he was responsible for platform and technical development for the internet startup of WebMD, he has helped launch a number of successful startup companies in the technology and healthcare industries while serving in digital product development, senior management and leadership roles. He has been featured on the cover of Businessweek and as “patient zero in the digital health revolution” for the Showtime documentary series Dark Net, and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, NPR, the BBC, Fox News and Wired.

As a personal health visionary and innovator, utilizing up to 700 sensors, self-diagnostic devices, applications and services to track, analyze and optimize personal health management – from caloric intake to spiritual well-being, he is able to demonstrate the connections of otherwise invisible data and forecast a transformation that will soon take place in consumer health and nutrition, healthcare business and beyond.

His credits will include “author” with the forthcoming release of a manifesto and autobiography via St. Martin’s Press entitled “I Am You Tomorrow.”

May 7, 2018
9:10am - 10:00am
Grand Ballroom 2-3

Technology is seeping into every area of our lives. Privacy is a flimsy throwback to a bygone age. How are organizations today creating services for a world with two million apps? Take a look at how the interface for our personal experience has shifted from a command line through Windows, to browsers, applications, and wearables. We start in a world after AI and voice assistance and transcend through the feedback loops of habitual behaviors and omnipresent content. This session explores the history of the user interface, software, and digital services and catapults brands into 2030, when personalization drives experience and we download “habits” and “environments” and brands compete for access to our life.

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