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May 7-8, 2018 | Nashville, TN

#BrandHIT Twitter Chat: Exploring Art, Science of Health IT Brand Engagement

By Michael Gaspar, Program Manager, Social Media, HIMSS Media

Today’s marketing buzzword of note is storytelling. As BrandHIT Marketing Summit keynote speaker Kindra Hall notes, while storytelling is at the forefront for marketers, often, they forego the opportunity to humanize their message and connect with audiences in the pursuit of revenue-generating sales pitches dressed up in feel-good product testimonials.

In its rapid rise in popularity, ‘storytelling’ has been reduced to unactionable jargon.  Everyday businesses and individuals miss critical opportunities to connect with their elusive audiences in powerful and profitable ways because they lack a storytelling skill.

Kindra Hall, Author, Storytelling Advisor, THE HALL COMPANY

This doesn’t mean that revenue and storytelling need to be mutually exclusive – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. However, in order for health IT brand narratives to stick, they need to really serve and speak to the audiences they are trying to reach.

New Oct. 2017 brain research from the University of Southern California suggests that stories invoke a universal cognitive experience that elicits greater feelings of empathy and connections to others. If marketers really want to connect with audiences, they need to think like their audiences after all. This means leveraging behavioral and research data (left brain) to hone creative, visual, and engaging storytelling (right brain) – creating a universal experience for audiences and a balanced marketing strategy for the brands that serve them.

When the two work together, only then, are marketers equipped to connect with hearts and minds of the people they aim to reach. Yet, many are at varying stages of this holistic, connection-based marketing approach. That’s why HIMSS is bringing marketers together to share tactics and strategies to exercise their left and right marketing brains and how they work together to make positive market and business impact.

The #BrandHIT Twitter Chat on April 12 will unpack how marketers and organizational leaders can harness data, strategy, and best practices to better serve themselves by connecting and serving their audiences first and foremost. Join us.


Date & Time: April 12, 2018 | 12:00 – 1:00pm CST (Add to Calendar)
Hashtag: #BrandHIT
Host: @HIMSS
Moderator: Michael Gaspar | @MichaelGaspar
Special Guests:
Christopher Penn, Co-Founder and Chief Innovator at Brain+Trust Insights| @cspenn

Katherine McGraw, Group Director, Digital Health at W20 Group | @KTMcGraw_HIT 

Twitter Chat Questions:
  1. What are the necessary traits of a well-balanced, effective health IT marketing team? #BrandHIT
  2. What digital marketing tools are making the biggest impact in your daily operations? #BrandHIT
  3. How has the industry shift to patient-centricity influenced your health IT marketing strategies? #BrandHIT
  4. What are the biggest gaps in brand and marketing strategy you see within your own organization or across the industry? #BrandHIT
  5. Where do you see the greatest opportunity for health IT marketers to grow and scale in 2018? #BrandHIT

Have some great health IT resources or ideas to share? Connect with @HIMSS and the health IT marketing community using the #BrandHIT hashtag.

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